Staff Rewards

“We will address the training provided to care assistants in house and externally. We feel the training is lacking many elements and is not given in a educational and standardized way. This means there are flaws in the training and some care assistants are receiving a higher or lower quality of training and awareness”

Here we provide you with guidance for your staff and colleagues. We advise care providers to implement the best range of tools and resources for their team to gain better motivation and production. Staff who are given the best equipment will use it to their ability and be proud of the work they achieve because of this.

Do you provide your staff with rewards?

We encourage both employees and employers to find suitable rewards for their work place, group or community within their area. Rewards are small perks we all deserve to be able to access. Providing staff with the opportunity to apply for external rewards if they do not have one to offer. Or consider teaming up with a local company to provide discounted hot drinks, or gym access for your employees. It promotes good physical and mental health and increases retention within the sector. See the link to understanding correct Pay, terms and conditions for an employee within social care – click here for more information.

If you already provide your staff with perks we want to hear from you. We want to know if they are being promoted correctly, used to the employees advantage and are beneficial to your staff.  

Blue Light Card:

Blue Light Card provides those in the NHS, Emergency Services, social care sector and Armed Forces with discounts both online and in store. The Blue Light Card also allows small and large companies to get involved with offering a discount and encourage companies in local areas to offer discounts to the NHS, Emergency Services and Armed Forces – click here to visit the Blue Light Card website.

Have an unanswered question? Contact us today and we will help you to find an answer.

Employees rewards

Care providers may offer a range of rewards to you as an employee. You are entitle to ask for these and use them to benefit you in your job role. These perks can include:

Shopping discounts: Save money on just about anything – from groceries to clothing. With discounts and cash back available in many shops. 

Salary finance: Get an advance on pay you’ve earned before payday. Send money straight from your salary to your saving account. Get an affordable loan that is repaid though your wages.

Pensions plans: Pensions is a great way to save money for a more comfortable retirement. Eligible employees will be enrolled into a pension generally after your 3 month probation is over and you become a permanent staff member. Employers will also contribute to your pension every time you add to it, they will too.

Life insurance: Companies may offer life insurance to you if the worse were to happen they will pay your spouse/beneficiary a sum of your wages.