Raising a Grievance

“Here at Nightingales army we aim to provide free accessible knowledge to all those who are already employed in the health and social care sector and those interested starting a career in the sector.”

Speaking up and standing out and above the crowd is what we at Nightingales Army want to encourage. Passionate individuals who care for their job role and those in thier care are who we want to see on the front line. Individuals with confidence and competence in their job role. Reducing risks and accidents, supporting the NHS. We at Nightingales will give you all the help, information and support you need to speak up, raise a grievance and improve the standard of care.

Disciplinary, Suspension, Raising a Grievance and Speaking up Openly

Here at Nightingales Army we actively promote speaking up. It is how the founding Nightingales began their journey to this vision. Both Directors were employed in a company who did not listen to concerns, staff voicing opinions, offering solutions and ideas, constant shortage of staff, permanent staff doing over time and working until they were ill, reoccurring issues and incidents, accidents, unsafe working environment, loud noise and excess paper work, none of which was reflected in their job description at the time, staff were constantly being attacked for not completing paper work that they had not been trained on or had responsibility for based on the role set out by the employer. The lack of respect and moral within the workplace destroyed peoples mentally, not only staff but residents too and that’s when they could not be ignorant to it anymore. They raised a grievance. They had multiple meetings. They gave suggestions on how to resolve the issues. They gained support from other employees. They openly discussed the idea of Nightingales Army, as we were invited to do so. They were then suspended for having an idea that was in their eyes a conflict of interest. They were shocked how their positive idea was used against them. So, they whistle blew. they were suspended, had an investigation on them and were eventually fired. 

The largest part of their reason of dismissal was the idea we discussed to them after being invited into an open conversation about, Nightingales Army. Competency monitoring and training solution, to provide all health care assistants with the knowledge they need before they enter the home. Reducing turnover, supporting the staff and nurses and increasing retention in turn increasing the moral in the work place especially for the residents who need to build a rapport with staff. Reducing risk accidents and supporting the NHS.

We did not sign up to a union during our contacted time, so we did not have a third party representative and our company refused to mediate with any other. We ourselves did not have the correct understanding of what a huge company can do to the little guy. So we are giving this knowledge to you now so you have the power to stand up and speak out in confidence. 

Example Grievance

Here we provide a written grievance as an example. Raising your concerns must be done in writing. We always recommend sending an email as you will have a copy of the sent email so the recipient can not state they did not receive it, or it got misplaced.. 

Speaking up and raising a grievance can be extremely difficult, you may feel you are the only one speaking out, you are not receiving support from your management or team. Your team may disagree with your views or are not confident enough to support you by speaking up with you and this may in turn have a negative effect on your working environment.

Do not give up. Do not stop. You are doing the right thing. You can get the support you need to make an active change within your workplace. 

Information on Whistle-blowing:

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Individual Stories.

We’d like to introduce you to some individuals, who, like us have spoken up and are now providing support, information and guidance as well as fighting for rights and protection for others who whistle blow.

Adam - The Unappreciated Carer

Adam is a carer along with his partner they own a caring company, Adam also works on The unappreciated carer, a site dedicated to bringing you the facts with out the fuss. Adam’s page links are below where you can find podcasts from individuals in different areas and positions of the health and social care sector.

“We at The Unappreciated Carer are making it our business to do the leg work for you. We will find the facts, simplify and share.”

Eileen Chubb

“My name is Eileen Chubb and I am founder and Director of Compassion in Care. I am a former care worker who witnessed defenceless elderly people being abused and blew the whistle. My book Beyond the Façade tells the story of my experience and bears witness for all those I saw suffer.”