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“We at Nightingales Army strive to provide free knowledge and awareness to you so that you can be confident that the care being provided to either yourself, a friend, neighbor or a loved one is correct, safe, lawful and holistic.”
Entering a care home or allowing a community carer to enter your home is a big decision that cannot be taken lightly. To ensure that your care is provided correctly and in a dignified manner we have given you this information to allow you to make a well-educated and confident decision on your future care, how it should be provided and what to do if you feel it is not correct, where to speak up and get support.
In order to guide you on how to ensure you have picked the right care for you, we will explain the different levels of care, what to be aware of when looking at a provider, and along the way raise awareness to the issues within the sector and guide you to external resources and reports from other sources.
By providing this information we believe we can build a safer community, ensuring individuals receive the care that is necessary for them in the correct environment ensuring a good quality of life. Giving standardized awareness to all will greatly reduce risk within our community homes and hospitals, working along side the NHS to reduce hospital admissions.
Our guidance and information is honest and factual. It comes from our experience in the sector working as health care assistants and has been supported by other professionals.

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