For The attention of Professional Bodies

We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to suitable, dignified care, provided in a safe and secure manner to those who require it. All care providers, employers and employees have a duty of care to work together to achieve this.

Currently care providers work against each other for profit. Only a very few small Council/NHS run homes are available, most care homes are over sized and corporate led. They do not focus on the issues at the heart of the problem, often making small minor changes that do not support the care team, attempts to reconcile a failing team structure can lead to an increase in turn over and loss or long term staff. You can read this in the care culture spiral explained by Cath Dixon CIPD.  

We at Nightingales Army want to work alongside professional bodies, Companies and employers with Cath Dixon’s support and input to improve the managers work ethics, approach to employees and encourage a better care culture in the work place. 

Collaboration with affiliates. The care network

As we choose our affiliates we set out a new care structure to follow. A joint effort of, businesses, companies and individuals all who have paved the way for the new care network, a combination of bodies who together cover all aspects care. Raise awareness, promote speaking up, act on reports of abuse, provide HR support, education, training, union advice, membership benefits, regular pod casts and news updates.

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Those we intend to connect with:

We intend to build an army to combat the health and social care crisis and avoid any further strain on the NHS though accredited training and awareness we can together build a safer stronger community, that respects it’s key workers, has pride in the care being provided to themselves a friend or relative.

We want to work closely with hospitals we intend to share statistics and resources with the aim to work jointly on improving them. To share our training approaches, to ensure a consistent level of education and understanding is given to all those who provide care and that they are doing so in a standardized way this will help both the hospital and community to work united. By raising the standard of care in the community we aim to reduce hospital admissions and call outs supporting the hospital and their team and building a safer stronger community, more aware and understanding of their needs, the limits of the hospital and care sector and how to support themselves in a way that reduces the chance of an accident occurring.

  • To share training and statistic resources to improve on retention and lower turnover
  • To unify the hospital and care sector to work as one to reduce hospital admissions 
  • To raise awareness of risks and how to prevent them in the community 
  • To promote the health care assistants within the hospital
  • To promote all areas of career progression within the hospital

We intend to work with local surgery’s and practitioners to support their requirements. We wish to lower unnecessary G.P visits and phone calls. We will raise awareness to the opportunity of working with a GP surgery, to support the growing community needs and localized pharmacists, especially now, since Covid-19 we have seen a huge increase in home visits, telephone calls and medicine delivery’s all whom require a professional to complete the service, safely and efficiently.

  • Building a strong relationship between the homes, community and surgery’s to lower unnecessary appointments
  • working closely on current statics with the aim to improve them
  • Promoting the different areas of career opportunity within a surgery   
  • Building a safer community 

We wish to have our Nightingales Trained by St Johns to receive their First aid certificate and all while raising awareness about the charity, what they do for the community and how to join. Supporting this ever-required service – click here for more information.

We want to use the current training service to train our Nightingales within our training program to provide clear knowledge before they enter their place of employment. Understanding the different continence assessments and aids available, raising awareness to incorrect and over usage, the requirements for each aid and for who the aid is suitable for. This will reduce waist, errors made on orders, mistakes made within homes. Reliving the Tena service. Understanding the correct fluid intake and output for an individual can reduce dehydration, urine infections, GP call outs, medication and hospital admissions and future complications.

We wish to use the information provided by Bladder and bowl service to raise awareness of different continence aids for example Catheters. Providing understanding before individuals enter the home will reduce mistakes, accidents and embarrassment. For both the individual providing the care and those receiving it – click here for more information.

Health care assistants unknowingly provide physiotherapy to individuals within a care environment, unaware of this – they may not be doing it correctly. Which causes risk and a possible accident occurring. Putting further strain on the network of professionals who may have just only rehabilitated an individual who now requires further assistance. Health care assistants should understand correct posture and procedures to reduce strain on both parties, promote independence and provide a level of care that is unique to that individuals requirements, rehabilitation and quality of life – click here for more information.

“Physiotherapists absolutely appreciate the role of all health care workers in the rehabilitation of patients and would support health care assistants to incorporate this into their work where appropriate. The appropriate training for this needs to be done locally according to the specific patient needs and are of work. There is no national training program for health care assistants to support this but there may be some requirement for it within different Trust competency frameworks.” –  Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, 14 Bedford Row, London, WC1R 4ED.

Working with Speech and language to use their current training services to provide training to our Nightingales. This can be transferred immediately to their working environment. Being aware of choking and correct IDDIS ensure the safety of the individual in their care. Reducing accidents and hospital admissions: 

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Social services are, a large range of public services. Provided by different organisations including the government. Social services have a statutory obligation to safeguard and promote the welfare of vulnerable children and adults. We will communicate with social services to support their service:

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The police provide a community service that also involves mental health. We are already working with the police to provide guidance and information to health care assistants, to help them look for warning sings, how to be safe, where and who to call when you expect abuse:

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We wish to work with mental health teams within the hospital, community and charitable areas. We highly promote mental health within the workplace for both the staff and service users. We aim to team with employers to promote mental health and physical well-being, through rewards, promotions and offers which will benefit the work place environment:

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We want to work with nurses, to promote progression to a nurse or nursing associate. To understand their daily duties and accountability. And where we can help. Health care assistants are the driving force behind the nurses, they see the first signs of deterioration, they assist with daily tasks, overall, they see more than nurses are able too. So, it is only right that health care assistants are provided with the tools to help the nurses fulfill their duties:

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As well as many more, all these teams together build a huge network of health support, physical and mental to the community through, COVID, daily duties and responsibilities, they have continued to ensure individuals have received care. Some have gone above and beyond, only highlighting the honest nature of those professionals. By training a new generation of health care assistants to be Nightingales, who all have the same awareness and knowledge we can support each organisation to provide their service.

If you wish to work with Nightingales Army and our affiliates to improve the standard of care we invite you to contact us, discuss with us where you feel you can contribute to the care network, how you feel you can actively raise the standard of care.

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