For The attention of Health Professionals

“Here at Nightingales army we aim to provide free accessible knowledge to all those who are already employed in the health and social care sector and those interested starting a career in the sector.”

Explaining the job roles available to you with your current qualifications and, how you can access new roles and responsibilities. We will guide you to your chosen career path and continue to support your learning and development to give you further opportunities in the future. 

The role of a health care assistant is ever evolving and adapting. Each individual we care for we work in a person cantered manner, providing adaptive care to them based on their personal preferences and medical requirements. This means what fits one person will not fit another. We have to have a wide understanding of the human body, how each illness can effect the body, physically and mentally. How to use aids to assist an individual to: walk, transfer from bed to wheelchair and again to the toilet or commode. Assisting meals and knowing the correct IDDSI framework as well as in some cases administering medication, directly or indirectly.

We want to clearly lay out what your duties will consist of, what you will be responsible and accountable for so you are aware of the requirements of your job role, areas will differ, for some they may not be able to work in a learning development sector but may flourish in a Dementia sector. Being educated and knowing what to expect can build your confidence and retain you within your job role.

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