For The attention of Care providers

“We will support care providers by encouraging positive changes that will actively raise the standard of care, each care provider is responsible for listening and acting upon concerns raised which benefits the care being provided. Nightingales Army is here to raise awareness about the concerns that are being expressed and unaddressed”


We at Nightingales Army understand that change can be complex especially within the health and social care setting, there are many variables which means no two days are the same. Staff retention is poor, moral is low, sickness levels are high.  How can you promote good quality care when the care being provided is the same everywhere, due to these issues that are not being addressed. It is not the governments responsibility, neither is it the NHS responsibility to make these changes. It is yours. Nightingales Army invite you to take responsibility for your duty of care in your own care setting.  

Here we provide you with a variety of suggestions and options to promote a good business structure and correct approach to staff attendance, retention, moral and induction. We give advice on best practice for disposal of waste and recycling. We promote better nutrition and snacks for staff as well as where to donate when items are not required any further. We will outline our aims to work with companies in the future, together: actively raising the standard of care. 

Have a look at Nightingales Army Video Here:

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