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“We will support care providers by encouraging positive changes that will actively raise the standard of care, each care provider is responsible for listening and acting upon concerns raised which benefits the care being provided. Nightingales Army is here to raise awareness about the concerns that are being expressed and unaddressed”


We at Nightingales Army understand that change can be complex especially within the health and social care setting, there are many variables which means no two days are the same. Staff retention is poor, moral is low, sickness levels are high.  How can you promote good quality care when the care being provided is the same everywhere, due to these issues that are not being addressed. It is not the governments responsibility, neither is it the NHS responsibility to make these changes. It is yours. Nightingales Army invite you to take responsibility for your duty of care in your own care setting.  

Here we provide you with a variety of suggestions and options to promote a good business structure and correct approach to staff attendance, retention, moral and induction. We give advice on best practice for disposal of waste and recycling. We promote better nutrition and snacks for staff as well as where to donate when items are not required any further. We will outline our aims to work with companies in the future, together: actively raising the standard of care. 

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To provide :

  • Future Training courses (coming soon)
  • Refreshers and supervisions (coming soon)
  • Professional development plans (coming soon)
  • Advice and awareness 
  • Guidance
  • Support to services 
  • Promoting equal opportunity’s  
  • Promoting speaking up

We will work with care providers to ensure health care assistants have the correct training in place in order to take on their job role competently, safely, with a full range of knowledge and skills. We will ensure they have refreshers, further education and professional development plans in place. Nightingales Army intends to govern all of the training required for their role. We intend to remove large proportion of training from the homes and community, under our roof reliving responsibility from the services, working closely with the education board and councils. We will ensure that each care provider is giving their staff equal opportunities, have been offering further education and external support. And encouraging employers to give staff regular supervisions, staff meetings and promoting speaking up within their service. Staff who are given the opportunity to speak openly in a one to one meeting or as a group environment, can raise concerns and solutions and see them being acted on by management are more likely to retain in their area and increase work production and commitment. 

The benefit of care providers employing individuals who have had previous training and awareness before they enter their roll is that, they can ensure each new staff member has a baseline knowledge of their job role and responsibilities, what they are accountable for and what to expect in their chosen career path with a professional development plan in place, reassuring providers they have a long term committed plan. This improves retention and moral, both employer and employee work together to achieve their aims while providing correct care, reducing risk and accidents, reducing turn over and improving standards.

Allowing us to give this knowledge before employees are hired into any care setting, we can reduce these numbers, build a safer working environment ensures individuals do not work out-side of their role and reduce accidents from occurring. Working together we can work towards a new improved service for all. Actively raising the standard of care.  

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