Actively Raising the Standard Of Care

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Welcome to the home of Nightingales Army, you have made the first steps in “actively raising the standard of care” here you can find all the guidance and information you need to cover all aspects and requirements of care.

Nightingales Army are here to ensure health care assistants are supported, listened to, valued, competently trained, guided and retained in their chosen area. Educating them on their rights and understanding correct working policies and procedures. Not to step out of their job role and put themselves and service user at risk of suffering determent or their safety. Encouraging health care assistants to speak up with confidence. This will contribute to actively raising the standard of care.  

Nightingales Army are here to ensure that the public are aware of the current issues and to guide them when choosing a care provider for themselves or a loved one. To be aware of what is needed to be able to receive a high standard of care that care providers are promoting. It is not about the fittings and fixtures that are being advertised. It is about the quality of care that is being provided. The first step to achieving this is to raise awareness. 

Nightingales Army are here to support our NHS, we wish to highlight where money is being wasted and accidents are happening within the health and social care sector which could be avoided by providing the correct training and guidance which actively reflects the job role that health care assistants are undertaking. Contributing to relieving the NHS of pressure and making our community’s safer. This is not something that can be achieved by one individual but by uniting together to actively raise the standard of care, we can achieve this.

Even more so in this time of COVID-19, when the public profile and appreciation of Healthcare Assistants has never been so great – often working with minimal PPE, and even paying with their lives on the frontline in their commitment to continue delivering care to the most vulnerable in our care homes and communities.

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The need for Healthcare Assistants to be publicly recognised, appreciated, respected and rewarded has never been so urgent. The time is now. Failing to act and recruit an army of Nightingales to meet future requirements, will push the social care system in years to come to the brink of collapse and will inevitably result in even lower standards of care being delivered to an ever-growing ageing population. 

Our first step in achieving our vision is our website. A new approach to addressing what a health care assistant does. What their duties are, why they are important. What their rights and responsibilities are. How to speak up and where to gain further advice, education and training. This will benefit those who are wanting to start a career in health and social care, you can familiarise yourself with what is expected of your role and how to progress further within a sector. As well as lots of valuable advice and information it will benefit those who require the help of a health care assistant, to know what qualifications they should have before allowing them to enter your home. And giving the knowledge and confidence to ask questions and speak up when necessary.

We will directly advise you, from a health care assistants’ experience. Please note all advice given on Nightingales Army website is that of Nightingales Army Community interest company’s opinion. We will occasionally share views, ideas and advice from other health care assistants from our social media page’s when doing poll’s or live discussions, which will be clearly linked in Blue. If advice is provided from a professional body or individual, we will state clearly who it is from.

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